Though once seen as separate places in ages past, the twin cities on the hills of Emtoch and Iser have long since grown together into a single unified city. The garrison at Iser was established as a military garrison to protect Holy Emtoch and its pilgrims. Iser, however, grew rapidly and eventually enveloped Emtoch within it, thus forming the city now known as Emtoch-Iser.

Some claim that Emtoch is the oldest city existing, basing their claim on the universally accepted fact that Emtoch was the last place that Shariel (the second twin and the Second Face of the Divine) stood before her mergence with the One-Divine. The temple of Emtoch is thus one of the great wonders of the Summerlands, and though the High Temple of the All-Father is located in Arioch, Emtoch remains the most sacred of the temples to the Five Faces. In spite of the harsh conditions after the East Sea War, thousands of pilgrims make the trek every year; in more peaceful times it saw tens of thousands.

Emtoch-Iser is the capital of Jeremiah, one of the few province-states to currently be enjoying a spell of peace. Though the southwestern edges of Jeremiah are still subject to orc invasions, its relative seclusion from other intact province-states and its aura of sacrality allows it to conduct its business without threat of invasion.

In recent years, the population of Jeremiah has begin to prosper, attracting war-weary migrants from the south. Should Jeremiah continue to accept these migrants, some speculate that it might incur the wrath of the states to the south.


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