Human Mythoi

Mythos of the Adiel:


“The first of scrolls, written by those only half-woken, tell of the All-Father, the One, from whom all things draw their being and existence. In the time before time and place, there was the All-Father alone. He was, and He was Good. In his Goodness, the being of the All-Father overflowed, flood-like, and the outpouring of his nature formed the One whom we call the Dark Maiden, the Empty Ocean and Divine Reflection. She shines bright as the All-Father himself, and though the Father is greater than she, she is not less than the Father. She was complete in her emptiness, and so receives and is all that the Father is and was and will be.

The Father loves His Daughter, and the Daughter loves the Father, and the continual love of their mutual gaze is known as the Jade Stream, the River of Creation and our Lord of Life, He who is both Daughter and Father. In Him, the Dream took shape: darkness and light, high and low, earth and air slowly took form. The waters rose and the winds began to sing. The birds and beasts, those that swim in the seas and fly through the air and walk on the earth one by one took their place in the Dream-currents of the Jade Stream, He who is the Course, the Way. Within the Dream, the heavens, the earth, and all creation took their order from His divine harmony. Thus all things were. All praises to the One Divine!" – Hadarezer Ben-Baruch, Master of Letters, Seminary of Emtoch 457 V.R.

The Awakening

“Then the One entered into His world, clothing Himself in the dust that is creation. At the beginning, two faces he wore; the First: Achan the Black Teacher, who woke us from the Dream and brought the light to our eyes. For many His dark gift was too mighty to bear, and smitten by the light, the eyes of their soul burned away, they fell into confusion and darkness. They wander the earth, driven only by hungers of the flesh. Still others walked with eyes opened, but with sight disordered. They began to see the wonders and goodness in creation and in themselves, and in their arrogance, brought glory to themselves first, placing themselves, the created, above their Creator. So too would our people have fallen, had not the Second, the Guide, taken pity upon us. Yet those confused or blinded by the gift can yet be redeemed. Achan’s dark fires of purification will melt our chains and lead us to perfection, and so through our efforts shall fallen creation be redeemed. Through His beneficence are we allowed to aid in the proper unfurling of the continual Creation.

The Guide and Keeper of Dreams, Shariel shed tears at our bewilderment and the loss of so many. It was she who woke the children of the Mountains, Woodlands and Plains, and she who bid them guide us. They are both greater and lesser then men; while their faculties are better ordered and their gifts of the body greater, we are the beloved of the First, and we alone hold the key to the final redemption. It was in our awakening that creation fell; only through our efforts can the world be redeemed. We are the favored of the Divine." – Jepthe Ben-Chayil, Master of History, Seminary of Emtoch 562 V.R.


Human Mythoi

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