Religious Milieu of Adna

“All praises to the All-Father, the One who is many, the ocean beneath the waves!”

All intelligent races worship the One who Is, though usually in a round-about-manner… so much so that most tend to forget that all faces are One. History and custom of each of the Awoken races dictates worship of different manifestations.

Human Mythoi

Dwarven Doctrines

Meta-notes: Though the world is monotheist in creed, it tends to be closer to kathenotheism in practice- each sect of the greater Church worships one Person of the divine as the supreme and perfect manifestation of the All-Father. Thus in practice, the differences between emphases between manifestations often seem to cause worshipers to forget the underlying unity of the Divine. Though “evil” races are often portrayed as worshiping demons or themselves, many of them revere Achan, the Dark Teacher and understand their violence and hedonism as bringing proper glory to the All-Father. The rationale for this varies per race and per creature. The (self proclaimed) high-priest of the Universal Church at El-kayam (near Arioch) worships each Personage as supreme in rotation.
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Religious Milieu of Adna

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